On The Evolution of a Spirit

The idea behind this set of pieces was one I had been thinking about for awhile. Since I was very interested in and had practice copying the art styles of historical time periods, I wanted to make a series that involved many different types. To make it more personal, I made the subject matter events from my life: showing the evolution of my life alongside the evolution of art styles. I also incorporated many small details that had something to do with my life event. For example, 9/11 is occurring on the Greek vase since my sister was born close to that event, the Wild West etching-style piece features an acorn that I got into trouble for bringing in from recess, the Deco piece contains a gramophone since we always listened to the radio in that art class, and the cave art piece has a drawing of the Golden Gate Bridge since I was born in San Francisco. Most every detail that I chose to include has some significance to my life.

Another aspect to these paintings and drawings that I wanted to incorporate was a band poster-type style. With my love of music and art comes a love of band posters: many of which look to historical time periods of art for inspiration. On most of these pieces, you will find a title and a date, which not only titles the work and allows the viewer to know at what point in my life the event was happening, but also gives the look of a band name and performance date.

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