Modern Icons

My most recent project, soon to be unveiled, is a collection of “Modern Icons”, portraits of saints re-imagined as modern people to finally show their correct ethnicities, ages, and characters. My goal for this project is to show how real, how diverse, and how just like us the saints were, so we realize we can become as amazing as they were. Ancient icons portray these truly inspiring people all as old, white, emotionless, and unrealistic. I believe these images, because of that outdated-ness, are turning younger people in the Church away from the saints, and from the Church itself. I hope my paintings can bring others to realize how rebellious, how progressive, how loving, how ambitious, how hopeful, how counter-cultural these people actually were, so that they can become role models whose lives anyone can aspire to.

I currently have 20 paintings and hope to make quite a few more by the time of the art fair I entered in April!


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