Hi, I’m Gracie Morbitzer. As an artist and interior designer, a few of the things I aim for are the whimsy and emotion of artists such as Marc Chagall, and the color usage and “everyday fantastic”, narrative imagery of artists such as Hope Gangloff. Mixed with other influences such as world cultures, history, and the aesthetic and processes of most 20th century graphic design, my art conveys stories I want to tell. Most of these stories are simply the product of the optimistic, emotional way I see the world. My art is quirky, colorful, vintage, and romantic, created in mostly traditional mediums such as ink line, acrylic, and watercolor. It is inspired by my childhood in an artistic family and sphere, and the places I was moved to while still young, such as San Francisco (across the street from Golden Gate Park), German Village, overgrown suburbs, and downtown Columbus, Ohio.