Mid-Century Modern

The idea behind this project came from my love of old buildings. With my combined fascinations of history and architecture, every structure, from gas stations to theaters, to barns capture my attention. Some of my favorite buildings are ones designed and built in the mid 1900s, and most of these are now falling to pieces. With this project, I explored what it means to be “modern” and how long that lasts; mentalities, societal ideals, and products of the 50s and surrounding decades; and also the way these buildings and mentalities are holding up now in the modern age. For example, the “Restroom” piece explores the difference between emerging gender ideas and mentalities in the 50s. The drive-in theater piece features what used to be scary back then (horror movie monsters) and what is scary now (the area the theater is located in). “Hide It Away” is a comment on the 50’s society’s standards of perfect family life, and having to cover up anything that was not that way.

These pieces are mostly watercolor and ink with paper and found material collage.


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